Dashbon Mask – Carry The Home Theater In Your HeadPhones

Dashbon Mask Featured

Dashbon Mask is the next generation headphones that come with a giant screen in it, which advances your viewing experience. The headphone has built in near-eye display which gives you virtual screen in front of your eye with high quality sound. It’s an ultimate movie theater where you can watch movies, your favorite videos even you can play games. Dashbon Mask is pretty easy to use, just plug-in the HDMI cable to your Smartphone and enjoy the world of entertainment in brilliant High Definition (HD) Screen. The Dashbon Mask plays the videos from your Smartphone not only that you can even … [Read more...]

Sliden’Joy Accessory That Converts Your Laptop Into Triple Screen


An amazing accessory that changes your way of work. Many of us attach an extra monitor to PC/Laptop to increase the work space. But now just an accessory changes the things the way there were used before. The Sliden'Joy accessory triples your Laptop screen, it adds two more screens to your Laptop. How Sliden'Joy Accessory Works? A simple light and thin accessory that clips at the back of your screen and it expands from both sides to give you three screens. Just clip the Sliden'Joy accessory to the back of the screen, Once attached slide the two other screens from the Sliden'Joy and power it … [Read more...]

Darma – The Smartest Cushion That You Have Ever Seated On

Darma Cushion-Featured

Darma Inc. came up the with the smartest cushion that you have ever seated on. The Darma cushion uses highly sensitive fiber-optic sensors that monitors precisely how you sit, when to stand, guides you how to stretch your body when you sat long enough, monitors breathing rate and also the Heart Beat. Why the darma has came up with this cushion? Darma Inc. has researched a lot on sitting habits. Most of the employees work almost for the complete day by just sitting on the chair. Sitting on a chair for a day is fine but when it becomes your routine then it can cause adverse effects for … [Read more...]

How Air Conditioners Work

How Air Conditioners Work

Now-a-days air conditioners have become very common and can be found everywhere from home, offices, shopping malls to even vehicles. Air conditioners may be luxury for some but it is an important invention for people living in warm climatic conditions and where the humidity levels are very high. Air conditioning was invented by an American genius Willis Carrier in the year 1902. Air conditioner is used to provide cool breeze in burning hot summers, they also control the humidity and the temperature. But how air conditioners work Working principle of air conditioner Air conditioner works on … [Read more...]

How 3D glasses work

3D Technology

The first 3D movie “The Power of Love” was released in the year 1922, but the world experienced a striking view of 3D technology in the movie “Avatar” released in the year 2009 and after that every now and then a 3D movie is released. 3D movie’s gives you depth perception; when you equip your eyes with 3D glasses they makes you feel like as you are in the movie. A bullet fired seems coming right in your direction and scary characters coming to hunt you, this amazing experience is made possible by 3D glasses. But what is 3D and how 3D glasses work?? What is 3D 3D (Three Dimensional) is the … [Read more...]

How Elevators work

Space Elevator

The high rise buildings which are tearing the vertical limits are made possible only because of elevators. Stepping onto the first floor by using stairs is possible but stepping on the hundredth floor is really a sweaty task. Therefore, a machine is needed to move from floor to floor. That machine is an elevator; just hit the floor number button on the elevator and you will be there in just few seconds. Today’s elevator has a speed of 64 km/h or 3,500 ft/minute. Moreover, an elevator has the capacity to take you into space and NASA already started working on an elevator that could carry us … [Read more...]

How does a Generator work


In the recent years, the power interruption or power outage is the most common issue due to the heavy use of electricity. The demand of electricity consumption is going on increasing from charging your phones to driving electric cars everything works with electricity and to generate it the sources are limited. In some countries, electricity is supplied for just 3 to 4 hours a day during summer as they are unable to meet the energy demands. The power cut for few hours can cause damages up to some billions of dollars. A study states that in USA even short power cuts cause an economic loss of … [Read more...]

How does Electricity work


Electricity is one the important means of human life. From lighting a bulb in the darkness to charging your phones everything works with electricity. Have you ever seen thunder lighting in the sky if yes, that is the example of electricity but what is electricity and how does electricity work… What is electricity? Electricity is the movement of charged atomic particles called electrons or it is just the flow of electrons in a conductor. Moving electrons create the powerful lightening strike, they also light up your room when you ON the switch. Electrons are tiny negatively charged … [Read more...]

How Refrigerator works


Refrigerator is an electronic appliance which preserves the food, vegetables, drinks, beverages, etc. by maintaining them under cold temperatures. In general, it keeps the things cool that doesn't mean that “If cool down bro doesn't work for someone who is in anger, put him in a refrigerator”. Refrigerator is really an important invention because in the old times large ice blocks were shipped and sold to the rich people but now every rich and poor owns a refrigerator. But have you ever wondered how refrigerator works. The main purpose of refrigerator is to keep the food at cool … [Read more...]

How Microwave Oven Works

How Microwave Oven Works

Microwave Oven is truly remarkable feat of engineering. These days most of us own a microwave oven from reheating leftovers to making the meal, they're pretty common piece of kitchen kit but how microwave oven works and how do they actually cook things? Microwave ovens heat up food using microwaves, which are one type of electromagnetic radiation like X-rays, radio waves and the visible light that we can see. The heating power of microwaves was first discovered accidentally during the Second World War. One day an American engineer called Percy Spencer was working on a unit for producing … [Read more...]