How Air Conditioners Work

How Air Conditioners Work

Now-a-days air conditioners have become very common and can be found everywhere from home, offices, shopping malls to even vehicles. Air conditioners may be luxury for some but it is an important invention for people living in warm climatic conditions and where the humidity levels are very high. Air conditioning was invented by an American genius Willis Carrier in the year 1902. Air conditioner is used to provide cool breeze in burning hot summers, they also control the humidity and the temperature. But how air conditioners work Working principle of air conditioner Air conditioner works on … [Read more...]

How 3D glasses work

3D Technology

The first 3D movie “The Power of Love” was released in the year 1922, but the world experienced a striking view of 3D technology in the movie “Avatar” released in the year 2009 and after that every now and then a 3D movie is released. 3D movie’s gives you depth perception; when you equip your eyes with 3D glasses they makes you feel like as you are in the movie. A bullet fired seems coming right in your direction and scary characters coming to hunt you, this amazing experience is made possible by 3D glasses. But what is 3D and how 3D glasses work?? What is 3D 3D (Three Dimensional) is the … [Read more...]

How does a Generator work


In the recent years, the power interruption or power outage is the most common issue due to the heavy use of electricity. The demand of electricity consumption is going on increasing from charging your phones to driving electric cars everything works with electricity and to generate it the sources are limited. In some countries, electricity is supplied for just 3 to 4 hours a day during summer as they are unable to meet the energy demands. The power cut for few hours can cause damages up to some billions of dollars. A study states that in USA even short power cuts cause an economic loss of … [Read more...]

How Refrigerator works


Refrigerator is an electronic appliance which preserves the food, vegetables, drinks, beverages, etc. by maintaining them under cold temperatures. In general, it keeps the things cool that doesn't mean that “If cool down bro doesn't work for someone who is in anger, put him in a refrigerator”. Refrigerator is really an important invention because in the old times large ice blocks were shipped and sold to the rich people but now every rich and poor owns a refrigerator. But have you ever wondered how refrigerator works. The main purpose of refrigerator is to keep the food at cool … [Read more...]

How Microwave Oven Works

How Microwave Oven Works

Microwave Oven is truly remarkable feat of engineering. These days most of us own a microwave oven from reheating leftovers to making the meal, they're pretty common piece of kitchen kit but how microwave oven works and how do they actually cook things? Microwave ovens heat up food using microwaves, which are one type of electromagnetic radiation like X-rays, radio waves and the visible light that we can see. The heating power of microwaves was first discovered accidentally during the Second World War. One day an American engineer called Percy Spencer was working on a unit for producing … [Read more...]

How do Light Bulbs work

Light bulb

The early electrical pioneers were bright enough to realize you could use an electrical current to make a wire glow. Let’s learn how do light bulbs work. If you made a thin enough piece of wire with a high enough melting point then it would glow white hot. This is because; the atoms in the metal release some light photons when their electrons become excited by the electrical current. The problem with using these glowing wires as a source of light became obvious after a couple of minutes. When the glowing wire is exposed to the oxygen in the air, the metal would quickly oxidize and … [Read more...]

How Electronic Nose Works

Electronic Nose

Electronic Nose, the name looks funny as it sounds like how could be a nose made of electronics. But the advancement in electronics has developed an E-Nose which can sense the Odors or Flavors. This electronic nose senses the odors or flavors based on the sensing technology named as “Electronic Sensing” or “e-Sensing”. But electronics nose works? Electronic-Nose uses two mechanisms one is the electronic sensors and another one is pattern recognition.  The electronic sensors are used for chemical detection and neural network mechanism is used for pattern recognition. Electronic sensing has the … [Read more...]

How Wireless Power Transmission work

Wireless Power Transfer Technology featured image

Let's start with conventional history because you have to understand where power came from. So power, basically it comes in two different energies. One is fossil fuels and the other one is renewable energies. Renewable energies like from the Sun, Wind and Power. So fossil fuels can be Wood, Coal, Steam and Electricity. Wood has been used from the very beginning by the people. Whether they are using it for light or they're using it to cook food or they're using it to make heat. Same with the coal, coal is used to create light or to make heat. Steam is when you use liquid and you warm it up and … [Read more...]