Dashbon Mask – Carry The Home Theater In Your HeadPhones

Dashbon Mask Featured

Dashbon Mask is the next generation headphones that come with a giant screen in it, which advances your viewing experience. The headphone has built in near-eye display which gives you virtual screen in front of your eye with high quality sound. It’s an ultimate movie theater where you can watch movies, your favorite videos even you can play games. Dashbon Mask is pretty easy to use, just plug-in the HDMI cable to your Smartphone and enjoy the world of entertainment in brilliant High Definition (HD) Screen. The Dashbon Mask plays the videos from your Smartphone not only that you can even … [Read more...]

Sliden’Joy Accessory That Converts Your Laptop Into Triple Screen


An amazing accessory that changes your way of work. Many of us attach an extra monitor to PC/Laptop to increase the work space. But now just an accessory changes the things the way there were used before. The Sliden'Joy accessory triples your Laptop screen, it adds two more screens to your Laptop. How Sliden'Joy Accessory Works? A simple light and thin accessory that clips at the back of your screen and it expands from both sides to give you three screens. Just clip the Sliden'Joy accessory to the back of the screen, Once attached slide the two other screens from the Sliden'Joy and power it … [Read more...]

Darma – The Smartest Cushion That You Have Ever Seated On

Darma Cushion-Featured

Darma Inc. came up the with the smartest cushion that you have ever seated on. The Darma cushion uses highly sensitive fiber-optic sensors that monitors precisely how you sit, when to stand, guides you how to stretch your body when you sat long enough, monitors breathing rate and also the Heart Beat. Why the darma has came up with this cushion? Darma Inc. has researched a lot on sitting habits. Most of the employees work almost for the complete day by just sitting on the chair. Sitting on a chair for a day is fine but when it becomes your routine then it can cause adverse effects for … [Read more...]



Transhumanism is an ultra high-tech dream of computer scientists, philosophers, neuro scientists and many others. Since the radical advances in technology to augment the human body, brain and ultimately the entire human experience. It is a philosophy which supports the idea that mankind should proactively enhance itself and steer the course of it's in an evolution. Tranhuman are those who wish to become what they call Post Human. Transhumans are someone that has been modified with performance-enhancing body, brain augmentations to the point that they can no longer be called human. They have … [Read more...]