How does 3G work

3G Technology

Technology never ever ceases to move ahead and that is no different in the case of mobile phones. 3G stands for the third generation cellular phone communication technology. The concept of 3G Technology, once considered to be a far-fetched idea, has become a reality today with more and more users across the world taking to it like never before. Though the technology can be run only on handsets that specifically support 3G, its popularity is growing worldwide at a rapid rate. In fact, with each passing day, cell phone companies are coming up with new and improved models of 3G enabled … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Heart Rate Monitor

Samsung galaxy s5 heart rate monitor

Samsung unveils its one of the biggest hardware changes in Galaxy S5 which has built-in Heart Rate Monitor.Samsung galaxy S5 heart rate monitor which enables you to measure your heart rate directly on your Phone. If you're just curious about your heart rate and more conscious about  your health and want to know how your heart is pumping during your work-out, then you are no were away, the Samsung Galaxy S5's  has built-in Heart Rate Monitor which allows you to calculate your Heart Rate. So, Lets focus on how generally heart rate monitor works and on Samsung Galaxy S5 regarding the heart rate … [Read more...]

How Siri Works

Siri Technology

Apple stunned its users with new technology advancement as SIRI. SIRI works by letting you use your voice to send messages, make phone calls, schedule meetings and more. Siri which was first started as DARPA project at SRI International in early 2003. Later they build their own setup as Siri International (SI) in 2008 and launched the Siri Digital Assistant as a free application on the Apple’s App Store. In a Couple of months Apple acquired SI for nearly around $200 millions. Apple then made advancements in its backend architecture and integrated it with iOS. Siri is a better solution … [Read more...]

How Touch Screen Works

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Hello Guys have you ever wondered how the touch screen technology that we are using in our mobiles, laptops, etc.. work. For over 100 years the keyboard was the science of innovation, creation and communication but it was only until 2007. Yes, the iPhone wasn't almost the first touch screen devices but it is the one that bought touch screen technology into the mainstream which is now used by millions of people every day. Today let's learn what technologies enable the creation of the touch screen, how the touch screen actually work and conceptually what does the future hold for touch screen … [Read more...]