How Air Conditioners Work

How Air Conditioners Work

Now-a-days air conditioners have become very common and can be found everywhere from home, offices, shopping malls to even vehicles. Air conditioners may be luxury for some but it is an important invention for people living in warm climatic conditions and where the humidity levels are very high. Air conditioning was invented by an American genius Willis Carrier in the year 1902. Air conditioner is used to provide cool breeze in burning hot summers, they also control the humidity and the temperature. But how air conditioners work Working principle of air conditioner Air conditioner works on … [Read more...]

How 3D glasses work

3D Technology

The first 3D movie “The Power of Love” was released in the year 1922, but the world experienced a striking view of 3D technology in the movie “Avatar” released in the year 2009 and after that every now and then a 3D movie is released. 3D movie’s gives you depth perception; when you equip your eyes with 3D glasses they makes you feel like as you are in the movie. A bullet fired seems coming right in your direction and scary characters coming to hunt you, this amazing experience is made possible by 3D glasses. But what is 3D and how 3D glasses work?? What is 3D 3D (Three Dimensional) is the … [Read more...]

How Elevators work

Space Elevator

The high rise buildings which are tearing the vertical limits are made possible only because of elevators. Stepping onto the first floor by using stairs is possible but stepping on the hundredth floor is really a sweaty task. Therefore, a machine is needed to move from floor to floor. That machine is an elevator; just hit the floor number button on the elevator and you will be there in just few seconds. Today’s elevator has a speed of 64 km/h or 3,500 ft/minute. Moreover, an elevator has the capacity to take you into space and NASA already started working on an elevator that could carry us … [Read more...]

How does a GPS work

How does a GPS work

In 2008, there were 33 satellites in orbit making up the constellation of satellites required for the GPS network to operate. Out of 33 satellites, 31 were actually being used. Initially 24 satellites were required for the initial constellation. These satellites provide basic information on timing, the status of the network in times of orbital positions. But how does a GPS work and what is GPS data? GPS Data is in three forms Almanac: The almanac provides coarse time information along with the status information about the satellites. Time: Basic clocking information is provided for the … [Read more...]

Why do we dream

why do we dream

Dreams are an amazing phenomenon and considering you spend roughly six years of your life in dreaming. It's quite curious that what are dreams and why do we dream but we often brushed them aside to be quickly forgotten. Night after Night, Sleep after Sleep our brain go to work and bring us some of the most incredible dreams and often seemingly random imagery and story lines but what are our dreams and like the many science fiction stories or movies could we ever figure out what we see in a dream. You may have heard people referring to brain waves before, but have you ever stopped to think … [Read more...]

ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission

ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission.

The ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission which is also known by the informal name MANGALYAAN meaning MARS CRAFT is 1337 kilogram satellite about the size of a small car. The search for Methane in the Martian atmosphere is probably the most significant part of the ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission sometimes called MOM. Martian Methane has been detected by sensors on earth but NASA’s Robotic Rover Curiosity has failed to find the gas during its time on the planet Mars. The Indian Spacecraft will also examine the rate of loss of atmospheric gases to outer space. This could provide insights to the planet's … [Read more...]

How does a Wind Turbine Work

Wind Turbines

Today's largest wind turbines can supply enough electricity to power five thousand households and have an average life span of twenty years. But how does a wind turbine work A wind turbine converts the winds Kinetic energy into electrical energy. It comprises of Tower at about 80 to 90 meters high, in order to harness stronger winds at a higher altitude. A nacelle, which turns to orient the machine in the optimal direction. Nacelle houses the main components of the wind turbine and the three bladed rotors which can measure a hundred meters or more in diameter such as the Haliade 150 (an … [Read more...]