Darma – The Smartest Cushion That You Have Ever Seated On

Darma Inc. came up the with the smartest cushion that you have ever seated on. The Darma cushion uses highly sensitive fiber-optic sensors that monitors precisely how you sit, when to stand, guides you how to stretch your body when you sat long enough, monitors breathing rate and also the Heart Beat.

Why the darma has came up with this cushion?

sitting long enough can cause back pain

Darma Inc. has researched a lot on sitting habits. Most of the employees work almost for the complete day by just sitting on the chair. Sitting on a chair for a day is fine but when it becomes your routine then it can cause adverse effects for your health .  Sitting long enough can cause back pains, obesity, increases Blood Pressure and Heart Attacks. So, they decided to develop a cushion that reduces the stress and make you heal with back pains.

Let us know how the 1MM thick cushion embedded with sensors manages to monitor all these things.

How Darma guides you to sit better

Darma app guides you to sit better

Darma uses an app that connects with the Darma Cushion. Using high sensitive fiber-optic sensors which are embedded inside the cushion it measure precisely how you sit and through the app it guides you how to sit better.

How Darma app reminds when to stand

Darma alarms you to stand up

Sitting for too long is not a good sign for your health. Darma has a built in timer which alarms you when is the right time to stand up.

How Darma guides you to stretch your body

Darma guide to stretch your body

Along with that, Darma also guides you too stretch your body. The darma app displays the different ways to stretch your body to counterattack the bad habits of sittings too long.

How Darma helps you to breathe to release the stress

Darma reminds you to Meditate

Darma cushion senses the stress through your heart beat and reminds you to take a breather. It measure the stress level and alarms you to take some time to meditate or to relax.

The cushion can solve and help many who are uncomfortable with their chairs and facing problems with back pains. The cushion is available for pre-order and Darma Inc. are also providing with a flat 10% discount which cost you $179 (after the discount). For more details you can check their website www.darma.co

Check out the company designed video of Darma Smart Cushion:

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