Dashbon Mask – Carry The Home Theater In Your HeadPhones

Dashbon Mask is the next generation headphones that come with a giant screen in it, which advances your viewing experience. The headphone has built in near-eye display which gives you virtual screen in front of your eye with high quality sound. It’s an ultimate movie theater where you can watch movies, your favorite videos even you can play games. Dashbon Mask is pretty easy to use, just plug-in the HDMI cable to your Smartphone and enjoy the world of entertainment in brilliant High Definition (HD) Screen.

The Dashbon Mask plays the videos from your Smartphone not only that you can even plays the games by controlling the game  keys from Smartphone and viewing the game action in Dashbon Mask. Now a day’s Smartphone’s are built with bigger screens sizes to increase the experience of watching movies and videos but they are difficult to handle. Some of the Smartphone’s can’t even fit in the pocket but now you can replace your big size screens with Dashbon Mask as it gives you a stunning virtual projection near-eye display.

How To Setup Dashbon Mask

As said it is pretty easy to setup. It comes with power key, just turn on the power key and connect the HDMI cable to your Smartphone and that’s all you need to do.

Features of Dashbon Mask

Dashbon Mask in Action

Features of Dashbon Mask

Technical  Specifications Of Dashbon Mask

Features of Dashbon Mask
Features of Dashbon Mask
Features of Dashbon Mask

Technical Specifications of Dashbon Mask

Dashbon Mask first prototype in CES 2015

Dashbon mask image

The team brought up the first prototype in the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas in 2015 and the team got really good response and compliments which increased their level of confidence. The team promises to release the product into the market as soon as possible. As it is in development mode and testing rounds are going on once done it will be available.

How to Buy Dashbon Mask

The Mask is a revolutionary device and the specifications are too loving you will be eager to buy. The Mask is available for PRE-ORDER HERE. The price of the mask at retailer is $499 and if you would like to pre-order then its for $399 flat. The order will be shipping from December 2015 as stated in the Dashbon Mask website.

Source: Official website

Also check out the Dashbon Mask prototype video

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