How Virtual Laser Keyboard works

Virtual Laser Keyboard is just another example of today’s computer trend of ‘smaller and faster’. Virtual Laser Keyboard is not only limited to desktops and laptops they are now into mobile devices and Tablets. But the change we have not seen in last 50 years is the the input device that we are using, the same QWERTY keyboard. But how virtual laser keyboard works?

Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Laser Keyboard

The virtual laser keyboard technology is the latest development. These virtual laser keyboard works by using sensor technology and artificial intelligence to let users work on any flat surface as if it were a keyboard. Virtual Keyboard is small, easy to use, perfectly designed to create a perfect solution for cross platform text inputs.

The main features are: platform-independent multilingual support for keyboard text input, built-in languages,perfect layouts and settings, copy/paste operations etc.No changes made in the operations like user-friendly interface,regular text editor, no change in already existing system language settings and design, and small file size.Alternatives came in the form of handwriting recognition, speech recognition, abed input (for SMS in cell phones) etc. But the problem is they lack the convenience and the accuracy.

How Virtual Laser Keyboard Works

Virtual Laser Keyboard uses sensor technology and artificial intelligence to let users work on any surface as if there is a keyboard. Virtual Devices consists of a flashlight -size gadget which projects an image of a keyboard on any surface and lets’s people input data by typing on the image.

The device detects the movement of fingers when they are pressed down. The movement of fingers are measured and the device accurately determines the pressed keystrokes and at the same time it translates them into text.

How Virtual Keyboard Works

How Virtual Laser Keyboard Works

The Virtual Laser Keyboard uses light to project a hill-sized computer keyboard on almost any of the surface and get disappears when it is not used. The translation process is done by artificial intelligence. Once the keystroke entered will be decoded and it will be sent to the portable device either by cable or via wireless.

These Virtual Laser Keyboards are used with Smart Phones , Tablets, and it provides a practical way in writing email, word processing and allowing the user to leave the laptop computer at home.

Components Used in Virtual Laser Keyboard

1. The Sensor Module

2. IR-light Source and

3. The Pattern Projector

Step 1: Template creation (Projection Module) :

A template of the desired interface is projected onto the adjacent interface surface. The Projection module produces the template by illuminating a specially designed holographic optical element which is highly effective with a red diode laser. Note: The template which is created by projection module serves only as a reference for the user and it does not involves in the detection process. In an environment, the template can easily be printed onto the interface surface.

Step 2: Reference plane illumination (Micro-illumination ModuleTNI) An infra-red plane of light is generated just above the surface and becomes parallel to the interface surface.When the user touches a key position on the interface surface light is reflected from this plane in the vicinity of the key and directed towards the sensor module. This light generated from IR-light source is invisible to the user and hovers a few millimeters above the fixed surface.

Step 3: Map reflection coordinates (Sensor Module) Reflected light from user interactions with the interface surface is passed through an infra-red filter and imaged on to a CMOS image sensor in the sensor module.The Virtual Interface Processing CoreTM is the Custom hardware embedded in the sensor chip which makes a real-time determination of the location of the reflected light.

The multiple reflection events are thus tracked simultaneously by the processing core and therefore supports multiple keystrokes and overlapping cursor control inputs.

There are different types of virtual Laser keyboard available in the market. Some of them are :

1. Developer VKB


Virtual Laser Keyboard

2. Canesta

canesta virtual keyboard

Canesta Virtual Laser Keyboard


kitty keyboard

Kitty Keyboard

and many more…

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