Samsung Galaxy S5 Heart Rate Monitor

Samsung unveils its one of the biggest hardware changes in Galaxy S5 which has built-in Heart Rate Monitor.Samsung galaxy S5 heart rate monitor which enables you to measure your heart rate directly on your Phone. If you’re just curious about your heart rate and more conscious about  your health and want to know how your heart is pumping during your work-out, then you are no were away, the Samsung Galaxy S5’s  has built-in Heart Rate Monitor which allows you to calculate your Heart Rate. So, Lets focus on how generally heart rate monitor works and on Samsung Galaxy S5 regarding the heart rate monitor.

How Generally Heart Rate Monitor’s Work :

When you start training, your heart rate increases rapidly in according to the intensity of the training. In Heart Rate Monitors, the transmitter belt detects the electrocardiogram (ECG – the electric signal originating from your heart) and sends an electromagnetic signal to the wrist receiver where heart rate information appears.The blood moves from the lungs to the muscle and back to the lungs again. The more harder you train, the more blood the muscles need and when you need more blood the much harder the heart has to pump .

How To Use Samsung  Galaxy S5 Heart Rate Monitor :

Step 1 : So let’s go ahead and just jump right into the usage of the heart rate monitor. To open that just get into the operating system and tap on S Health. S Health comes with the a number of the same functions that you find in Samsung Galaxy S4 on including the ability to calculate the distance or the number of steps you just walked by using the pedometer and you are also able to track your exercise by using the calorie meter which uses a database full of all the different foods that you might use to track the calories.Just tap on Heart Rate to open it, as you can see in the image below


Samsung galaxy S5 S Health App

Samsung Galaxy S5 S Health App

Step 2 : After Launching the app , follow the instructions on the screen to place your finger accurately on the heart rate sensor. Heart Rate sensor is exactly below the camera on the back of your device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Heart rate monitor tutorial

Samsung Galaxy S5 Heart Rate Monitor Tutorial

Step 3 :Once it is ready put your finger on the sensor as you can see in the below image.

Samsung galaxy S5 heart rate sensor

Samsung Galaxy S5 Heart Rate Monitor

You just have to place your finger on the sensor and you don’t have to press the finger hard over the sensor. After placing the finger, you just have to keep still your entire body, If you don’t want to have an inaccurate readings because anything extra you do,it will affect you in measuring your accurate readings.

Step 4 : After a few moments the heart rate will be displayed on the screen as you see in the below image. To get accurate readings, Place the finger exactly on the sensor and be seated without moving around.

Measured Heart Rate

Measured Heart Rate

These are the Steps to use Samsung galaxy S5 heart rate monitor.

So a little bit issue with this heart rate monitor and perhaps on the wrist watches or the fitness bands that they might not be completely accurate maybe not a hundred percent. Heart rate monitors on the phones, on the wrist watches and the fitness band’s are single time readings.  For the users who are much more in tune and much more dedicated when it comes to fitness this may not be the solution they are looking for but for the general users out there who just want a quick snapshot of heart rate, want to track your various heart rates, want to see the progression of a month and overall track record of your exercise then yes, that would make this useful but ultimately it’s not one of those things that are really distinguishes the Samsung Galaxy line as a true fitness companion at least in the case for the heart rate monitor.


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