Sliden’Joy Accessory That Converts Your Laptop Into Triple Screen

An amazing accessory that changes your way of work. Many of us attach an extra monitor to PC/Laptop to increase the work space. But now just an accessory changes the things the way there were used before. The Sliden’Joy accessory triples your Laptop screen, it adds two more screens to your Laptop.

How Sliden’Joy Accessory Works?

A simple light and thin accessory that clips at the back of your screen and it expands from both sides to give you three screens. Just clip the Sliden’Joy accessory to the back of the screen, Once attached slide the two other screens from the Sliden’Joy and power it by connecting it to your Laptop via USB port. That’s it!

How slidenjoy works

The accessory is under development and is being funded by KickStarter. The team promises to make the Sliden’Joy available in three different sizes 13 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch with full HD screen. The thickness is of just 1.7 cm and expected to be even thinner during production.  They even promises the Sliden”Joy with two different finishes, one with aluminium finish and the other with wooden finish. The hinges attached to it makes the screens to rotate 180 degrees and because of hinges it becomes easy to fold the screen at any angle.


Sliden'Joy with single screen cost 199 euros

In addition to that it has many more features like it works on both platforms either MAC or PC, Very light weight and can be easily portable, Full HD screen and more. Sliden’Joy comes with two models and you can even pre-order the product. The first model comes with only one extra screen and it costs starts from 199 Euros and the twin screens starts from 299 Euros. To Pre-Order visit their official website

Sliden'Joy with two screens cost 299 euros

Also check out the Sliden’Joy prototype video



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